The Magical Toilet Paper Diary
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2002-05-26 20:00:52 (UTC)


today's paper: clean, fresh, boring

nothin interestin is happenin.

i'm still waitin for summer...


today i woke up.
i watch tv until i was wide awake.
then i went on the internet to chat with some friends.
i checked out my neopets account (priscillangel)
i played and surfed the internet for awhile.
ate sum donuts.
then i played my ps1 (final fantasy 8)
my parents went out so i was stuck home with my bro.

wut will happen:
eventually my parents will come home
ill go to my uncle's with my grandparents for brunch.
than come home and do stuff...
maybe sum hw...
then sleep...

yes!!!!! sleep!!!!!!!!!

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