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2002-05-26 19:36:03 (UTC)

The Feel Good CD

I made this CD and I listen to it every day. It is
probably the best thing I have done for myself in a long
time. Talk about positive messages! Here are the tracks
and some favorite parts.

Track 1: "Perfect Day" by Hoku (From "Legally Blonde")

On this perfect day,
Nothing's standin' in my way.
On this perfect day,
Nothing can go wrong.
It's the perfect day.
Tomorrow's gonna come too soon.
I could stay forever as I am
On this perfect day.

I'm in the race, but I've already won,
And gettin' there can be half the fun.
So don't stop me til I'm good and done.
Don't you try to rain on my perfect day.

Track 2: "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World

The whole song is my favorite part! (I wrote the whole
thing out in a previous entry.) But here are the really,
really good parts.

Hey, don't write yourself off yet.
It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down.
Just try your best. Try everything you can.
And don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're

Live right now. Just be yourself. It doesn't matter if
it's good enough for someone else.

Track 3: "Video" by India Arie

I'm not the average girl from your video.
And I ain't built like a supermodel.
But I learned to love myself unconditionnally.
Because I am a queen.

When I look in the mirror and the only one is there is me,
Every freckle on my face is where it's supposed to be.
And I know my creator didn't make no mistakes on me.
My feet, my thighs, my lips, my eyes-
I'm lovin' what I see.

Go on and love yourself, because everything's gonna be

Track 4: "AM to PM" by Christina Millian

If this doesn't get you pumped, check your pulse!

Track 5: "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mixalot

When it comes to females, Cosmo ain't got nothin' to do
with my selection. 36, 24, 36? haha! Only if she's 5'3"!

Track 6: "Faith" by George Michael

Well, I need someone to hold me
But I'll wait for something more
Because I gotta have faith.

Track 7: "I'm Real" by J Lo (not the remix)

I'm real. What you get is what you see.

Track 8: "Where the Party At" by Jagged Edge

Another one of those songs that will get ya pumped!

Track 9: "Ain't that Funny?" by J Lo and Ja Rule

Haha! She's not goin' back to some asshole who treated her
like shit!

Track 10: "The Way You Look Tonight" by James Darren

Track 11: "Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child

Track 12: "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story

Track 13: "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" by Britney

I'm not a girl, not yet a woman
All I need is time
A moment that is mine
While I'm in between

I'm not a girl.
Don't tell me what to believe.
I'm just tryin' to find the woman in me.

Track 14: "I Don't Need You to Tell Me I'm Pretty" by
Samantha Mumba (I think.)

I don't need you to tell me I'm pretty to make me feel
I don't need you to give me your strength to make me feel
I'm strong.
I've got all the strength that I need here inside my own
two hands.
All that I want is your love and respect for who I am.
What I really need comes from deep inside of me.

I don't need you to believe in me to know I'm worth
believing in.
I don't need you to lift me up high to know I can stand
I can stand my ground. I can stand proud upon my own two feet.
Don't have to be part of somebody else to be complete.
What I really need comes from deep inside of me.

Track 15: "Stellar" by Incubus

Track 16: "Stronger" by Britney Spears

My lonliness ain't killin' me no more,
'Cause I'm stronger.

Here I go, on my own now.
I don't need nobody, not anybody.

Track 17: "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gainor

The ultimate anthem for women everywhere!

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