Darkness no Himitsu

Beneath the Elysian Fields
2002-05-26 19:04:00 (UTC)

And so it begins...

A sadistic world set in the other realm lies beneath the
Elysian feilds. Lost souls wander in this perverse world
and lurk around every corner... An eerie echo of painful
screeches bounces around every dark and shadowy hallway.
The Ruler of this twisted wonderland is Sire Saddi. He
sits atop his throne with his sad Queen always by his
side. Sire Saddi and his Queen have thousands of children
and one heir to the throne, being only if Saddi should
ever befall vanquishing. The heir is a lonely and
mischeivious demon; genderless, beautiful, dangerous, and
young. The poor inhabitants of this netherworld call the
heir- Tenacious Scarlet. The one wish of the lonely heir
is to visit the world above and beyond the Elysian Feilds;
a place where Scarlet may roam freely and cause much