Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2002-05-26 17:06:28 (UTC)


I would have to cataglorise yeasterday as very
boring, unproductive, and depressing. First of all,
Stephanie was at work and Megan was with Jamie. So, I
slept most of the day. I ate yesterday too which was
really really bad. But don't worry, I am paying for it
today. I took 19 laxitives last night and this mporning I
thought I was going to die!!! I'll be ok though. This
will just teach me not to eat like that again.
There was a party on Friday night. I did not have a
good time at all. Nick had been talking to David for me
and so I thought, from Nick's feedback, that I was going
to get some from David. Well, that idea went to hell
because I got absolutely none all night. Nick kept
telling me that he wanted to fuck me because he wasn't
getting any from Maranda or Joni. I didn't want to fuck
him though. And then, Danny was all over me all night. I
like him better when he is in his chilled out cynical
moods because when he talks to me with his high pitched
voice I can' stand it. I think I am over guys for good.
I have a new plan. I am going to become somehow gorgous
and then when all these guys like me I will put them
through hell because they won't be able to get any.
I forgot to mention this. I think it was on Wednesday
night that William wanted to come over to get help on his
project. I knew what was going to happen and I don't know
why I let it but yes we ended up fucking. And the next
morning when I went to get in my car , I saw the
handprints on the hood of my car from he and I. It made
me sick. To make matters worse he came over again on
Thursday and I finally tild him no, then I hear from some
people that William is thinking about telling MA all that
he has done with girls. What in the hell is that all
about! Well I called him up and straightened that out
pretty fast. I just couldn't believe that he would think
of doing something like that to me.
Oh, Stephaniw hooked up with Rick at the party.

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