Pure Belligerence
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2001-06-12 02:54:29 (UTC)

*Vacation entry #1*

iv been thinking. Yes i know, its amazing. My life is
crap, not worth anything really. I feel the need to meedle
in peoples business that i absoltely should not be in...
and then i snicker about it later on. I was in the bath
tube taking a bath and i was seriously thinking about
putting this diary on private or even erasing it completely
but then i figured i was just being lazy because i dont
even like this diary and more so i have desided that i will
not give into myself (this is what i get for being so
stubborn... even towards myself) and to keep this diary as
a memory of the one time i didnt give in to my urges. Hell
yeah! Go me. Hmm, im finally in the mood to talk about
what i did on vacation. It figures its after the night i
only got 3 hours sleep. Ok, well we left really early in
the morning for the airport and when i was on the plane i
was sitting in the end seat next to mom and pete but the
seat wouldnt stay up so on the landing i had two move next
to these two guys. One was semi young (coulda been 20-27,
im so bad at telling age) and he was nice, chatted with me
a bit, but the other guy was this old fat dude who kept
putting his elbow on my boob so i leaned over towards the
other guy.... when the flight ended we got up to get our
luggage and i was turned around and accidentally touched
the young guys ass... i was so embarrassed. And that was
the first few hours of vacation.... more to come....

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