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2002-05-26 11:44:46 (UTC)

Saturday night party - dreams meant

Saturday night I was in that neighbour house. I got there
late because I was with cold flu. Some time later more
people came. It was some party or friends meeting. I decided
to stay there for some time. After some time I started to
hear things about my name. I understood what those dreams
meant. Dreams of worms ants and spiders. I was being
betrayed by false friends. They wanted to get trust from
that neighbour talking about me. Well I was there and did
not mean to be those lies. And I said if they had some
thing to solve that they could make it in that time. Not
before and later and when I was not there to hear and to
talk. I crush those false friends in their lies.
Today I dream I was rising a kite. A good meaning dream.
It means I am going fine. In dream Mel was with lines and
I was pulling it for her. And it flied in wind.
Today a better day of sunny bright. And tomorrow will be
my day. Monday is day to start better things.
I will show myself and tell to false friends I deny them
to tell lies to my truly friends or people I helped to be
happy. Even I do not mind about rumours I do not like they
use it to advantage.
I will walk in desert streets of my home town. Sunday is
a iddle day because people hides in their houses.