2002-05-26 14:29:28 (UTC)


Well lets see. I didn't make there for the wedding. When
I got there, they were just sitting down to eat. Barb,
Fran, Evie, Anita and Rose were the only ones who showed
up. We were all sitting at the same table. Kathleen
didn't have on the traditional white dress. She had on a
lavender dress that had some sparkles on it. Her hair was
pulled back into something like a pony-tail and the pony-
tail was curled. That same band was there playing pretty
much the same music as New Years. Guess what? You're
never going to believe it. When came time to throw the
garter, no guys wanted to go out there. The ladies at our
table were all pointing at me to get up there. So, I
walked over to Kathleen and told her to just give it to
me. Well, a few more guys finally came out and we lined up
like sheep for the slaughter.( hahaha) Her new husband,
Paul, pulled the garter off her leg with his teeth.
Needless to say, when he threw the garter, it ended up
right in my hands. So you know what that means. So what
do you say, me and you.(hahahaha) They served cold cuts
and chips. They had a sheet cake instead of a wedding
cake. I had one beer, thats 3 in two nights for me, better
watch myself.(haha) I got there at about 5:45 and left at
about 8. Its really too bad you couldn't make it. You owe
me a dance, ok? Well, I'll see ya when I see ya. BYE!!!