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2002-05-26 12:52:07 (UTC)

17 May, 2002 change name


Today I went to changed my name at amphur
Sampran office. I think it can change my life better. I learned
from furtunet name. I calculated from consonant. I don't
know it can help my life better or not but I hope ^___^

I have some plan from my life after that. I was
angry my officer. I sign contract with my office before I work
with this company. He promise if I past from probation he will
add my monthly salary 4,000 baht . Today I past 4 month ago
but he don't keep his promiss. I think this company is not fare
for me. I don't like the way that he do.

In couple month I will try to get New Zealand visa
and I will go there. I have some friend in New Zealand. I hope
she can help me. I want to practice my English and find some
job there. If I can stay there I will not come back to Thailand
2-3 year.

Ummmm...I hope everything will be OK.soon.

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