The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-05-26 07:58:59 (UTC)

long live the classical guitar

I have to give a speech Wednesday night at the senior awards
ceremony, and I haven't started writing it yet. This could
become a problem if I don't do something fast.

This weekend I also need to finish the big paperwork for the
University of Rochester. Looking back on what happened in
choir last Friday (see previous entry for details), I'm very
glad I decided not to go to Ball State, because I just know
I'd see that sort of thing all over the place. Rochester is
going to be great, I can sense it.

So I'm going to a classical guitar concert on Tuesday. The
performer is my guitar instructor, so I was able to get free
tickets. Now here's the part no one is going to believe:
I'm going to this concert with a girl.

Yes, you read that correctly. And no, I'm not delusional or
on drugs or anything.

Now the funny thing is, I'm not even sure whether this could
rightly be considered a date. But date or not, this marks a
significant change in my social life. Specifically, this is
the first time that any of my female friends have opted for
any real contact with me outside of school.

At any rate, I plan to consult one of my friends about this,
see if he has any pointers. It is imperative that I speak
with him about it, as he is the only one of my close friends
who has ever dated. Not that I am assuming this is a date;
the nature of this outing will most likely remain ambiguous.

Of course, one question remains: if this does lead to some
sort of relationship, what will I gripe about on here?

This is Dave, signing off.