through the looking glass
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2002-05-26 04:31:00 (UTC)

Leaving People Going home soon and other rot

Ok so yea.... I have to leave for home for a couple of days
next week so I can take my CPR test and other things like
that....... And I only have 5 bucks on me so I was kinda
flipped when Eric who I thought knew this had the GALL to
ask if I could take him to north county but he gave me a
deal I drive him there he eather buy me cloves or pay for
gass. I was ok with that because cloves are expensive and
soo is gass so I dont mind if they are going to help me out
by buying what they say
well we get out there and he tells me that hes not gonna
give me a cent At this point because of the Promise I was
PISSED OFF ROYALY because I am barley gonna have enough gas
toget home as it is and he is making me spend more of it
GRARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! So I get pissy with him and say he can
just walk home which I realy didnt mean at all..... Well So
he takes off then I drive off think better of it go to
retreave him and he refuses to get in the car and get
driven home I even went so far as to try to shove him in to
my car but noooooo he had to be a little BABY ABOUT
IT!!!!!! Well so I ended up getting as far as Lilac rd the
second time whenI decided to go back and look for him but
could I find him NO not at all so I got upset went back to
Edwardsville to check to make sure Alexis had heard from
him and he wasnt laying in a ditch dead somewhere!!! Well
I get back here and start talkin to ader and he gets back
and flips me off Im sorry but if hes gonna be a selfish

Oh well So yea Im NOT DRIVING TO MO anymore just so Eric
can get his fucking cigs
Thats BULLSHIT and he knows it!!!!!!!!!!!! there are plunty
of closer places he just wants to make my life hell! And I
am starting to hate him for it. And considering I use to
love him sigh Oh well if all he wants to do is be a bitch I
can play that game too MAYBE BETTER!! And now hes threating
Me or one of his PROTECTORS is whatever they wanna beleive
its all bullshit soo whatever Hes NUTS how did I ever Date
him I have no idea

Well thats it for now just me blowing off steam
Lisa M fuqua