ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-05-26 04:14:36 (UTC)

Manchurian Candidate

well another wasted night..another weekend almost past.
Friday i actually left the house.i went over to Blyth-Mo's
at like 9 and we walked up to the cemetery by his
house...its so beautiful..i could feel the presence of the
dead everywhere..well then we walked over to bedford street
and tried to find Gary's place.well we walked past an
apartment and i got this feeling and i just stopped and i
said thats it..sure enough a couple minutes later gary
walks out.at first he didnt recognize me cuz it was dark
but when i walked up on the porch he was like "oh shit" and
gave me a big hug.then he told me he had a present for
me.and he went into his room and brought out this awesome
picture that said ASHEZ in grafitti writing.he made it for
my b-day and kept it untill i saw him.i couldnt believe he
remembered my b-day.so we all hung out there...got high and
then around 330 me and blyth walked back home.i got home at
like 430 ,grabbed a bite to eat and then went to bed.
well my car is officially legal and i can drive it now..so
i went to gabs to look for work pants and then to lowes to
get shit for my momz.i had a huge headache so i went home
and got sumthin to eat. then i went to the mall...got my
hair cut and went home.i was gonna see what blyth was doin
but couldnt get ahold of him.
theres a marathon on horror flicks on Sci-Fi ..Hellraiser
is on now. i might stay up for a bit to watch em but i have
to get up early tommorrow since were goin outta town.Bylth
isnt goin with me cuz hes a nutcase.lol
im listenin to Slipknot...there godlike..ive always
thought that...and always will...there amazing.
Last day for seniors was yesterday.its gonna be crazy
without em.Eli Schwabb actually talked to me the other day
in deals class..and tonight i saw him at the mall and he
said hi...i was like *swoon*..hes very beautiful.i couldnt
believe he talked to lil ol' me.skools almost over...final
exams start this week tho...ugh...plus i gotta work this
week...yes i did get hired...i am now the cashier at
well till the morrow brings my sun....im out