Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-05-26 03:06:09 (UTC)

the benefits of smirnoff...


Wish I was to dead to cry
The self-affliction fades
Stones to throw in my creator
Massacres to which I cater

You don’t need to bother
I don’t need to be
I’ll keep slipping farther
But once I hold on I won’t let go ‘til it bleeds

Wish I was to dead to care
If indeed i cared at all
Never had a voice to protest
So you fed me shit to digest
I wish I had a reason
My flaws are open season
For this I gave up trying
One good turn deserves my dying

You don’t need to bother
I don’t need to be
I’ll keep slipping farther
But once I hold on I won’t let go ‘til it bleeds

Wish I died instead of lived
The zombie hides my face
Shelf forgotten with its memories
Diaries left with cryptic entries

You don’t need to bother
I don’t need to be
I’ll keep slipping farther
But once I hold on I won’t let go ‘til it bleeds

You don’t need to bother
I don’t need to be
I’ll keep slipping farther
But once I hold on I’ll never look down my deceits

-Corey Taylor

That song is so deep. Every time I hear it, it really
makes me think... especially this part '...I wish I had a
reason, my flaws are open season, for this I gave up trying,
one good turn deserves my dying...'

That is so cool.

Anyways, onto more unhappy things... Lol. Gawd, I wish my
parents would grow up. Theyre both suing eachother and
stuff... neither realizes, or even CARES, the effect it has
on the children they seem to be doing all this for...

From: my dad
To: my mom
Subject: oh
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 12:21:37 EDT

by the tell me ..I have all this help and that my
wife should pay my child support...and that you have no one
to help you!!

Yet Lisa ( your daughter ) who is worth what 3 - 10 million
now? and who has been paying your lawyers fee's, flying
you and the girls all back and forth to Ny etc etc...and
helping you out... but thats not help? She's doesn't count
as help.. YOUR OWN Daughter! ummmm... what?

Your Father who is worth millions, who lives just a couple
of hours away and who I know is helping you out in many
ways... thats your FATHER..and he doesn't count?.....
ummmmm what?

So lets see you have Family..that has millions of dollars.
that are helping you! BUT they don't count.....their
contributions to help don't in anyway count to you.

However my wife..who makes 15 thousand a year and has 3
kids to care for is suppose to send you her money cause I'm
having financial difficulties because its just too much for
you to understand my situation? And YOU think thats

so lets figure this one out..
$ 1,000,000.00 / 12 months / 30 days per month = $2,777.00
per day
$2,777 * 7 days = $19,439.00
so either one of YOUR family members in 7 days makes more
than my wife in a full year.....her yearly income is pocket
change to them but you expect me to take HER money and
make HER kids STARVE!

You tell me I haven't paid since April, that I am a scum
bag and haven't paid in forever and a day....I said I
started work in the beginning of May but the company held
back and wouldn't pay me until the end of May...... and you
make it sound like that is forever..and that I am months
and months behind..what? lets see....
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Apr to May is 1 month...oh me
oh my..once i pay next week how far behind am
i?...hummm ...i'm not! So lets see.... Jan I am in debt to
you for..and only because the state of Florida couldn't get
its act together......... February and March you are paid
in full for, April I am half a month behind on and May will
be paid in full in 7 hummm come June 30th that
means that...

January will be 1/2 paid for ( agian!!! )
Feb paid in full
Mar paid in full
Aprl paid in full
May paid in full
June paid in full
and all of it is documented by the circuit court!
so whats your complaint? whats your law suit about?

I hope your lawyer and you do get me arrested...cause the
law suit i file will make national news and i will be one
rich dude... and paying you will be pocket change to go for it! and I thank you Florida!! YEEEHAWWW!

SAVE ME!!! Do you see why I call them juvinile? Lets see
here... Dad doesnt realize that were over here starving
too, and that mom has about the same income as leigh ann...
well... none right now... I hate this. I hate all of
this. The whole damned reason they got a divorce was
money, all this fight is about money... i hate money God
DAMMIT!!! Id rather be poor and beggin on the streets than
like them, money hungry pains in my ass. I hate this!!!
Ever since I was little, all they care about is money.
They care about money more than they care about me, and I
know it. And it makes me sick. Father says he cares so
much about us... says my mother is insane, and mother says
the same about him.

I hate to burst your bubble folks... BUT IM THE CRAZY


Matt, I miss you. And I love you. And I need you. Save
me... please??

Huggles, Marie, I love you too.

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