yo-d's mind
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2002-05-26 02:55:31 (UTC)


Lately I feel like my life is changing... more-so me
than my life really, I guess it's a mix of both. To start
out, this has been one of the most monumental years of my
life. My friends have changed, I've found new friends, had
the biggest heartache of my life, and in a week I'll be
able to drive. So much has happened and yet I still feel
that so much is missing. I just don't feel right, you can
say I'm depressed. But I can't pinpoint exactly what is
causing this depression. Sure I can name some contributing
factors the main one being that I feel so lonely without a
guy while it seems like everyone around me has someone, but
I know there's more to it than just that. typically if I
don't have anyone to hang out with on a weekend night I'll
find myself in a depressive slump sometimes crying till
absurd hours of the night. I'll feel like I have no
friends, even though I know that is totally false. I have
more friends than I can count, as to why I feel like I
don't I'm clueless. sometimes if I sit and think for long
enough it'll feel like an endless pit is forming in my
chest... I just want to know what is going on with me...
and what I can do to make everything better...