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2001-06-12 00:30:42 (UTC)

andrew and adam 6/11/01

last night i told adam online that i liked him. this would
be okay if i wasnt already with his best friend, andrew.
its really wierd now because today at a party i didnt go to
adam and andrew told everyone and now im talking to both of
them and i dont know what to do. its getting really
frustrating, i like the in different ways, andrew is soo
hot and really cute and sweet, and adam is the coolest guy
i could ever meet. i dont want to loose them as friends if
things dont work out and i dont want other people to get
involved and get mad at me aswell. i hate it when this
happens, someone always ends up getting hurt. i dont think
this is a good thing cuz im supposed to go to the beach
with adam soon and andrew is going to be going down as
well. urg! oh well hopefully i can make up my mind soon!
good night.