Randi Lynn

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2002-05-25 23:41:10 (UTC)

Me and Tina arent friends..

Me and Tina arent friends anymore. Thats why i left early.
And iM home early Shes a Nitpicker, you know what a nit
picker is? a nit picker is someone who picks and picks at
something, and she thatby consistantly calling me weird and
annoying, not only to me but to her relitives, adn she
called me an asshole too, the only name i called her was a
nit picker, i mean other than the time she hit my weak spot
real hard, then i curse wicked bad. I mean im real sad. But
mat. Im sad and mad. and im shaking. andddd....Grrrrrrrrrr!
@!!!!! She needs to learn to treat her Friedns bgette,r but
now shes lost me, i was her friend sicne 4th grade.

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