The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-05-25 23:12:11 (UTC)

Anyone who ever had a heart

I was driving back to Regent Square after a full day at the
museum Friday night, and as I was on the expressway
overpass crossing over from the North Shore to downtown, I
caught a glimpse of PNC Park out of the corner of my eye.
There was a night game going, and the lights were all up.
The scoreboard was lit up, and there was a huge image of a
player on the field in his Pirates uniform. Something about
seeing that image, the baseball stadium, the player, the
Pirates logo on his hat, just made me swell up inside. I
don't even follow baseball, but it just felt so fucking
good seeing that. I don't know why.

Actually, no. I do know why: I was filled with the strongest
sensation that I was in exactly the right place, exactly where I need
to be.