Days Of My Life
2002-05-25 23:10:58 (UTC)

Saturday May 25th, 2002

Today I had alot of shit to do! which i never really did!
ha! i was supposed to go with Tommy and a bunch of friends
to a sky cheifs game..but we didnt go :( so i didnt c
Tom!! :( and then i had to unwrap the pool with my family!
I ended up getting all dirty and coming inside. Then i
talked to criz all day!! :-D i love that kid Hehe! he makes
me feel so loved!! hmmz wonder why!! Hes my big brother!! and i wuv
him lots!! hehe!! thx Criz for everything... :-P well im supposed
to b sleeping at kristinas house tonite! but i havent
talked to her for a while..and i guess im not going there tonite! she
hasnt called or anything so i guess i dont hafta!! oh well. Well Im
going to call tom!! maybe i can stay on the phone wit him a while b4
he goes up the the church to play basketball!!!

*I Love You Tommy*

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