Days Of My Life
2002-05-25 23:06:56 (UTC)

Friday May 24th, 2002

Today is mine n Tommys 2 month anniversary!!! im so happy!!
i love him so much and we made it this far! Anyways, i went
over his house to chill!!! It Was Perfect! We Were huggin n
kissing...flirting, fighting, everything a perfect couple
would do! we even grubbed on pizza!! haha i still ate
more! :-D! Omg it was perfect...then korena called and said
we could go bowling..and i thought YES!! i get to see more
of tom and chill wit korena at the same time!! so i jumped
at the offer and a lil while later we were in the car to
get my money and go bowling. Later On...We were at the
alleys n bowling !! but then me n tom got into a fite b/c i
acted dumb! (like usual) So I Left to go for a walk! seeing
since korena was with her friends and tom was pissed... i
walked outta the alleys and upto Jolly Rogers...and i
turned around and tom was behind me, and he escorted me to
the porch and i sat down. I said i was sorry for acting
dumb and i started crying! and we got into a lil fite..but
believe me !! it was worth it! i truely kno how he feels
about me!~! He told me he loves me so much! and when i
looked into his eyes i believed it.. he made me decide i
dont wanna die! i wanna b with him! he told me im the only
thing in his life that makes him happy!! and i kept trying
to convince him that he had so much other stuff to b happy
about..but he kept telling me i make him happier..and all
that other stuff is bull shit! he dun need it! and i rely
believed him! for once n my life i actually felt so loved!!
i couldnt believe it..i wanted to die! i wanted to lose
him!! what was i thinkin? am i that dumb to lose him
again!?!?! no! i think not!! hes mine forever!! :-D i love
tom!! i love him so much!!! im so glad hes in my life! and
im so glad we had that talk! it meant so much to me! and
made me realize what i had almost lost!! *im dumb*!! But I
love him so much!! *~I LOVE YOU TOMMY!! Thank you baby!~*