mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-05-25 22:41:31 (UTC)

I feel sick.....

I feel like i am gonna be sick. I havent reaally eaten in 2
days now, and i havent taken my medicine either. Lisa has
me emotionally & mentally tied in knots. I love her soo
much , but she fails to see this. She is certain that i am
cheating on her when i am not. We were supposed to be going
to Jon & Jess's parade on Monday, no w i have no clue as to
what is going on. my car is still acting up, i hope it is
fixed now. went through $525$ to get fuel pump replaced &
oil change & tune up. Now we are broke, but what else is
new?... Lisa , I truly Love you , please believe me ...
I am sick now because of our not talking, I need you in my
life soo much... please lisa, without you , i am nothing...