2001-06-12 00:13:19 (UTC)

Good but crappy monday

~* well yesterday i had the WORST cramps.o my god i
thought i was goin to die!i jus slept all day and rolled
around moaning b/c i couldnt get much sleep from them.Owell
yesterday sucked bc i was suppose to do sumthin but my mom
was bein a bitch bout everything.Well today was good.I went
and took my english exam which i think i passed.It was
mutiple choice and was so easy....the essay was what i
think really got me.I thought i had leaked so i was rushin
through it which sucked b/c i found out when i got to
bathroom it was jus a false alarm and i had done bad for no
reason.o french one is friday...a whole week from
now yes.O and virginia came over which was kewl.she walked
home with me and i showed her around my messy house then we
walked up to taco bell.On the way i ran into jess which
scared me.I didnt have my glasses on so i couldnt see who
it was and outa nowhere she said schools out already huh?I
was like ahh o yea it is.we talked a lil then me and and
virginia ran into matt and ashley up at taco bell.They make
a cute couple.Ne wayz i got a taco and drink but VA only
had enough to get a drink...well the lady came over to our
table and gave her a free taco.isnt that nice...we said she
probably did somethin to it lol j/k.but it was really nice
of her and really made VA's day.Well then we went home and
va called her sister to come and pick her up.Then my mom
came home screamin and yellin at us for no reason...sumthin
bout dishes.well after va left i walked out and went to
seans house.I did nt want to stay home with my mmom like
that.So then we go to my bros game and les cant go to her
last dance class b4 recital(my mom gave in and took her
after we started walkin down the street to 711)well then we
faught all the way there and now im supposedly goin to live
with my dad.I dontk now which ones mom or my
dad.Ever since my mom married my dad shes been acting like
him more and more each day.I think it might be better to
live with him b/c i would have scott and nic instead of les
and matt.which is way better bc their cool.I would never
hafta see wayZ i dont know if i even am bc my mom
always threatens to send us over there but never does.i was
pissed at her and im still not goin to listen to her im
gonna say i dont hafta listen to u cuz im goin to dads.well
i g2g...o yea my mom put a timer on the internet so i have
like 20 minutes left.She sux ass.o well wish me luck on my
french exam.

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