the life of me
2002-05-25 22:28:40 (UTC)

may 25, 2002

3 months and 2 days till my birthday. lol... i'm such a
lameo, i'm COUNTING! lol. today i went to church, then
lunch with my family, jackson's family (and jackson too),
darrell, whitney, and lauryn. we had fun. we went to olive
garden. yummy. my favorite. i saw nathanael's mom there...
so i think he might've been there too. yikes. but hehe, i
wish he coulda seen me there. my parents are so dumb...
they were teasing jackson and i that they'd arranged our
marriage. i was like... yea, ok whatever you guys. lauyrn
was laughing at me too. i felt kinna bad that i wasn't
talking to her all that much at lunch. but she was ok. :)
she's so quiet in big groups. but whatever. hehe. well,
i've gotta go clean the kitchen. i'll write more later.
much love. bye!