This is Growing Up.
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2001-06-12 00:11:04 (UTC)

May flights of angels sing thee to thy sleep...

" But the point is bessy, sometimes the best medicine is a
woman for a man's achin' heart."

Tis June, the time to tan has come...School is almost over,
4 more days and soon I would have alot of time in my
hands. What shall li'l sophie do for her summer?
Everyone's losing weight, don't wanna do that. I guess i
should become rebellious and get a tattoo. I think
inflicting pain upon yourself for a decoration on your body
which will shrivel up when you grow old is just plain
dumb...but cool *tee-hee-hee*
Laura's pregnant. Yes my big sister is pregnant with her
best friends baby. And of course he says he doesn't want
anything to do with the baby. Ran away to join the circus.
He was a freak of nature anyway. I saw Tom. Yes, poor
Tom. You know, even though we stopped talking because he
got on drugs and stuff, I still missed him. You know that
feeling when you see this person for the first time in the
longest and then you kinda feel like you wanna cry and all
this pressure from your back just fades away? I got that
when I saw him. Then wanted to cry so badly because he was
so thin and pale. I thought that if I would hug him even
tighter that his bones will break. I could feel his
ribcage underneath that buttoned up shirt he wore and that
cap that covered his face made him look like he had cancer
or AIDS. He was pale and weak. He still had those radiant
blue eyes that always seemed to look down on you gently to
tell you that everything was going to be okay. That same
smile, that continuous laugh. I missed him. *sigh* He
grew fond of my sister and I had a feeling that when he
knew about my sister, he was heart broken. It was like old
times again. Him sitting on my front porch and his
presence. Ahh...I still remember.
The light dimmed from my front porch as he approached me,
his face so gentle in the night and i can over look his
expression in his standing. I looked up into his eyes and
I can see them burn into mine. He knew it. I knew it. We
knew it couldn't be righter than this moment. We had been
locked in each other for over 2 years. It's been a long
time to wait. I couldn't wait.
"Hello Tom."
"Hello Sophie." The moon had risen a tidbit from his face
and the dim light reflected upon those ravishing blue
eyes. His mouth, pieces of flesh lusting for the
impression of another.
"I couldn't wait any long to tell you this, Tom. But I-"
"I know..." I didn't notice but his positioning of his feet
were alot closer to mine than I had expected them to be. I
could feel his breath against my cheek and around my
mouth. The tiny hairs upon my skin stood up in shiver
because of such energy I was releasing. Enough to blow the
world away.... I clenched my fist and my heart beat twice.
"I-I.." Stuttering for my words, he quickly came up and
kissed me. It was my first and I was young.
It was perfect. When he released me from his arms, I felt
him lean his forehead against mine to catch his breath.
Our eyes were closed and the passion between us was
electrifying. I opened my eyes...

I guess that was our last moment together. Too bad stuff
like this doesn't last forever. We talked that same
night. It was great. I laughed and he laughed. We both
laughed until the moon was gone. Oh well...

Anywho, It is time for me to go.

Until next time...