Wo ist Amanda?
2002-05-25 19:23:50 (UTC)

Ok, so I'm new at this...

Well, this isn't as colorful or neat as,
but that costs money! So, this will do...beggars can't be
choosers, right? Well, I don't think I want to make this a
journal where all I do is write what happened today and
what I want to happen. I plan to make this a journal of
what I feel. I haven't really had any success in writing
in diaries or journals very long in the past. But I plan
to make this work. I hope to get lots of comments, because
that is half the reason I wanted to do this online, even if
they're mean comments. I love to write, since there isn't
much else to do here in Lodi, California. I'm 16, so I
have a curfew, which is 9:00 on weekdays, and 11:00 on
weekends. Ummm...currently I am trying to get over a break
up with my ex-boyfriend, Erick Tun. I miss him and love
him so much, but that doesn't seem to matter too much to
him. So, if you see his name, at least now you know who
the hell he is! =)~ Well, I guess I'll leave it at that for feel free to post a comment, give me something to
write back to. Ok, buh-bye!

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