Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-05-25 17:35:25 (UTC)

lil' security fuck

aiiight last nite i went to da moviez to see unfaithful
well we got der a lil' late and so we had to sit in da
front row..welll during da previewz da security guard came
in and whuz like where are ur parentz and we were like in
da back row and he'z like point dem out. so i whuz like uhh der in
anotha movie. he whuz like u gotz to leave.
so we went into star warz and started
watchin' dat. it whuz an aiiight movie, betta dan
i thought it would be and dat guy dat playz anakin
skywalker in it is soooo fzzzine. anywayz after dat i went
and stayed da nite at steph'z. now i'm home. just sittin'
here on da computa chillin' in a lil' bit my momma is
makin' me mow da lawn...i kno it BITEZ ASS. anywayz after
dat i'm goin' over to my mom'z friendz to babysit der kidz
ciz i need da money$ so i can do shit over da summer.
anywayz datz how my nite is gonna be. i'm gonna be bored to
fuck. so i think i'm gonna rent "not anotha teen movie" so
i can watch dat after da kidz i watchin' go to sleep. i
aint even really pissed at erin no more i whuz just have a
moment of bitchynezz but i think now she'z mad i dunno.
datz all i gotz to say fo' right now so i'z out!