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2002-05-25 17:28:06 (UTC)

Entry Numbero UnO

Well here I am on a Saturday morning doing nothing as usual
last night was a blast chilled with my g/f and her
family.... I really love her. Well if your reading this
youll prob wanna know some shit about me. Names Nick i live
in NJ near the shore im 17 I drive a 1986 Black
Thunderbird :) And I have a band called Proven Formula. I
guess that life latley has been very unexpected. I never
thought that my band would actually start to do shit
toghter but I think slowly but surely we are pulling out of
the pit we were in and getting ready to stop fuckin around
and kick some ass. Thats about it for today boys and girls
send me some feed back kk? Im outta here.

Looking at life threw the eyes of a tired heart...