2001-06-11 22:54:09 (UTC)


I am so excited! I will be driving soon! What am I talking
about? I'm not excited. In a way I don't even want to
drive. All the stuff that I'll have to do is almost not
worth driving for. And besides it's not like I ever go any
where. I hate going to stores because I hate people, and
then I start having panic attacks, so never mind about
going to stores. Movie theaters sound like the best idea. I
can take all my friends out sometimes. If only.... if only
I could stand people. I hate them being around me. They're
always annoying, all their odd movements that make me
nervous. And you'd think that they wouldn't get closer to
me, but no, lets get real close! Ya know that thing with
space, and personal bubble thingy's, well mines big. I don't
like people near me what so ever. My personal bubble thingy
goes out 5 feet. You get any closer, and I'll freak. I love
to lock doors too. Especially automobile doors. I don't
talk on the phone much either, there is nothing to talk
about, so what is there to say?