2002-05-25 16:48:14 (UTC)

Finally saw him!

Matt came to visit me! We finally met in person and he's
really awesome! Like he's a sexy hopeless romantic and even
though he could hurt me and just ignore me, he doesn't.
Like we kept getting to the point where we wanted to kiss,
but neither of us did, because it would be harder when he
left. Teehee, we kissed anyways. Oh and it was very nice.
He called me on his way driving back to Michigan and like
apologized for kissing me because he knew it would be
harder. He's such a sweetheart! His friend, Marco, was
really nice, but they wouldn't let him in the Winery and I
guess it's because he's 24. Matt told me he was 21 so I
don't even know. Matt's only 18 though so I don't really
care. It's hard because I am starting a long distance
relationship. I know that Matt will do whatever and I'll do
whatever though, so it won't be that bad. HES SO HOTT! I'm
okay. Im going to go though.

{End of Entry, Feeling in love}