nfinite empyrean

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2001-06-11 22:28:57 (UTC)

first entry

this is my first entry in this thing....i feel much better
about me and nathan's departure...i need to get my mind off
of him though....i don't know if i am devistated because it
didn't work out with him ...or if it is that i am
alone...yet again...i wish it could have but oh
well goes is just that i had so much fun
with him and i connected with him and he was so smart...but
fuck it...all's said and done now...time to move on with my is just hard...i went thru a period that i just
wanted him...i think i getting out of that stage...but i
still think i should chill by myself for a while...for i
won't make that "clinging" mistake again....well i just
wanted to get it started...i will be back later