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2002-05-25 15:15:32 (UTC)


Well, the situation wasn't as bad as I made it out to be.
Things were said and the end result was something I felt a
lot better about. Its not that I'd be waiting for her, its
just that she would be on my mind. I don't know what life
is gonna bring me in the coming months. I just know there
are some areas where I want to improve my life. I keep
playing the lottery for just that one chance where I might
actually win. I'm not saying I'm stake my life on winning
or losing. I'm just playing for the chance. Last night
was kinda different. First, Nick and I went to the Rusty
Nail to meet one of his girlfriends. As usual, he was
terrible at introducing me. I didn't really say much and
what I did say was to Nick. I also had 2 beers. 1 I
bought and the other was bought by a guy that the girl
knew. He bought a drink for everyone at the table. After
that, we went to the Dugout to watch his other girlfriend
play softball. We couldn't find her at first, but then we
saw her literally staggering out of the bar. She was
getting a nice buzz on. Then, we watched her and her team
play softball. She was playing in center and every time
they hit the ball to her she looked terrible. When she
came back to the bench, she was breathing really heavy.
Anyway, they got killed 15-0. They ended up calling the
game after 3 innings, mercy rule. I got back home at
12:15. Today should be an interesting day as far as the
wedding goes. I hope the weather gets better. One more
thing before I go. My feelings for her will be with me for
a long time. If we never get that chance to hook-up, then
the feelings I have will be lonely. They will be
unfulfilled even though we had our time together. You
can't put a lifetimes worth of love into the time we just
spent. I still want that chance, even if it takes the rest
of my life to find it again with her. Wether it would be
with another girl is something I can't answer. I just know
I wish we have our chance, me and her. OK, see ya when I
see ya. BYE!!!

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