SuGaR RuSh
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2002-05-25 14:29:26 (UTC)

nobodys fool

i have no idea what 2 do about don..i really like him but
he says he dont know what we r like he says we r friends 4
now but i dont wanna fuckin sit here and wait 4 him but i
know i will cuz im so fuckin stupid...i woulda been over
him already if i woulda liked someone w/ mike i
got over him fast cuz don was there..but now w/ don...thars
no 1 after i think a lotta ppl r hott but i dun
really like them like that cuz i like bein friends w/ them
more and thar r utha reasons but im not gunna get in 2 that
cuz its stupid...and like he says he still likes me but i
think he mite b tryin 2 use me 4 "stuff" but i dunno cuz
like he dont call me n e more and he like bumps in 2 me in
skool but dont say a word...and like he never IM's me
online i always gotta IM him and he always says brb and
never comes back or gets offline...ugh but if i do wait 4
him it wouldnt matter n e ways cuz its not like i really
like any1 else or n e 1 likes me...but if we EVER do go out
or sumthin i know ill b the one gettin hurt....when we were
gunna go out be4 i had a feelin i was gunna get hurt...i
did but it was my fult...and now i just know...and whats
really weird is that when the whole big thing happened i
was talkin 2 missy (his x) and she was like he will come
back he always does and i was like ya rite and she was like
i swear he will HE ALWAYS DOES....and look what
happened....ugh well 2days the blink concert and im not
goin and like every1 i know and thar mom r going so im
gunna sit @ home again and prob finish my 2 projects...and
last nite i relized the sugarcult concert is on tuse!!!!
best ever!!!! and last nite i went 2 b @ fuckin
9:00...worst ever HAHHA...and i watched the baseball game
last really startin 2 like i did be4 but
i loved hockey more but now since hockey is sorta gone then
i watch baseball..i like the guys reminds me of
when i was lil HAHA well ill prob write more 2 day sumtime
2 complain bye bye bye

*mommy and daddys got the best cocaine*