lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-05-25 07:48:00 (UTC)

"leave room for jesus!"

yaaaay! sadies was sooo fun! i was really hyper & weird
but so was everyone else i hung out with, so it was rad.
ali & britt & i all got ready @ britt's house, and then we
went to the school and were like "oh my gosh no one's here"
and then the flood arrived. yay. and emily and erin
showed up in sweatshirts and pants. it was great.

uhh little important details for ya'll...britt did my hair
& sort of my makeup. haha. and i wore marisa's grey skirt
and my black esprit shirt and my little bowtie (the way bk
says it) shoes. pretty cute, if you ask me. haha actually
all the moms were freaking out over my skirt. they
looooved it :-)

i love dancing, probably cuz i suck so much at it. haha i
freaked w/ my little black friend, danny, for like 3 songs
straight. haha it was fun.

and then i slow-danced with timmy tim timmers ogne, who is
an awesome guy and even though we didn't exactly "leave
room for jesus", it was really cute. but that was the last
song & i wish it wasn't. not cuz i'm in love with timmy
tim tims, but cuz i'm in love with the feeling of being
wrapped up in the arms of someone you're soooo comfortable
around. plus he's so freaking polite. when the song
ended, he actually beat me to saying "thanks for the dance"
and he gave my hand a little squeeze and i wanted to say "hey
let's get married". actually i said that to danny and
that's when we started bumping and maybe i
should stop saying that, ehh?

hmm what else? well i don't like he's
rad but heck fool...i don't even know the kid. i just get
excited when i meet someone SOOOOO awesome like that. but
he didn't come to the dance & i'm glad he didn't. gosh i need
to stop tricking myself into thinking i like people.
he's like the mirror image of me...we should be best buddies.

well i gotta eat's 1 am. haha peace out,