It smells like poop over here
2002-05-25 06:28:22 (UTC)

there's a metalhead in the parking lot

slapstick is so cool. too bad they broke up. maybe they'll
get back together for a quick reunion tour. i've been
trying to sleep, i wanna get a lot of sleep cause
tomorrow...later today, is my first day back wrestling. im
a little nervous and very excited. travis said he wants to
work with me a lot, and i wanna work with rich too. in the
past week, i've gotten like 3 nights with over 12 hours of
sleep. it rocks. sometimes i don't think i can cramp
anymore sleep into my oversized body. im not that tired,
probably cause i didn't get up until like 1 or 2, i forgot
which. plus i have an incredible urge for a smoke, talk
about or to giulia, and masturbate. plus im kinda hungry.
i don't know what it is about that girl, giulia i mean.
i wanna love her, and be with her, all the while hating her
and being annoyed by her. i don't wanna see or talk to her,
but i want her to drop by and have me ignore her. the fuck
is that all about? stupid mind and stupid emotions at work.
i hate love and im getting pissed at being a teenager. oh
well, i won't be a teenager in less than a year anyway.
smoking sucks, i hate it and i want it so bad. i guess
giulia and smokes are the same. or have the same effect on
my anyway. i shouldn't, i know it's bad, but i want it too
much. temptation can only last so long before one gives in.
satisfaction is the death of desire. ill soon need to
quench my thirst, my desire for both. my thirst for desire.
a desireable thirst, obey your thirst. image is nothing,
thirst is everything. fuck sprite. satisfaction is the only
death of desire, satisfaction i must have.


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