Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
2002-05-25 06:17:52 (UTC)

Moving On

I'm sorry to say but I have to move my journal to another
site. I don't know where yet, I don't know when. All I do
know is that I can't post the link for you guys.

A person who is directly in contact with me went through my
favorite files and stole the link here. She's most likely
read all of my entries and in that violated my privacy. I'm
disappointed in her because I never whould have done that
to her and I fooled myself into believe she was as
naturally good person like myself. And in that I can't
truely and freely express my vented feelings and opinions
without the fear of more people discovering them. I've
loved this journal for the past six months and it has
gotten me through many tough times when I had my self
confindence shattered and felt like I would cry. It's alway
has been there for me and I'm sad to know that it won't any

I found that through this keyboard I could express my
feelings more clearly and in return get advice from all of
you than my former paper journal. But maybe that's the way
I should go because than i can carry it with me and know
for sure my private thoughts are safe.

Signing off for one last time.