Pure Belligerence
2001-06-11 20:44:13 (UTC)

*Sweetie? Nah.... more like meanie, yeah, that sounds about right*

School is out on the 27th and im doing it again.... the
whole school year i hate school and want it to be over so
summer can come..... but then when its about over i dont
want to leave! Ugh. Next year i'll be a junior.... an
upperclassmen... woo hoo. Me and alicia are taking the
criminal justice nightschool course...... i will do
anything to make myself look good for vet schools.... and
we told amy you HAVE to take forensics before you take
criminal justice (you dont, but i really dont want her in
the class) Im such a bad friend. If only they knew i wasnt
the "sweetie" they all claim i am. Muahahahah. But
really, i do kind of have an evil streak in me. Whats a
girl gonna do?