Sporty Tomboy

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2001-06-11 20:35:39 (UTC)


Have you ever found yourself holding a blanket as close to
you as possible? I dream of that *special someone* and hold
the blanket with such care as if I were actually holding
him in my arms. I have found that this is the most
reassuring thing I have ever done in my life, when he's not
there to give me the most comforting hug I've ever
received. Love is so crazy, that you may find yourself in
the strangest situations, like finding comfort within a
simple heap of sheets. I never thought that I would ever
find myself caring for anyone as deeply as I care for him.
I mean, can you actually define love? I think everybody has
their own definition. Every individual has their own
definition of the perfect "person," which they always say
does not exist. I sum up the one in love in one word:
perfect. I see him as the perfect guy I've always been
looking for. I never thought I would ever be saying
anything like this before, but it's how I feel. My heart is
telling me the truth of the situation, and it just feels so
right. When I sit on the roof, or in my tree, I feel this
sense of comfort and happiness in my life. When I'm with
him, all my problems seem to drift away into air. It is the
greatest emotion I've experienced so far. It is the
complete and total satisfaction in my life.