sheesh ya fuck
2002-05-25 05:36:16 (UTC)

christopher robin rocks my world

me and christopher robin went and saw the movie titled
insomnia starring Al Pacino and Robin Williams..some
fucking boring mystery that made me think to much and we
went to Cracker Barrel it was good food but it didnt fill
me up for very long and i felt like i had to be soo polite
that i couldnt breathe you know that feeling where evrey
thing is all in its place and nice i just felt uptight and
tied in i lost my appetite after legs hurt im
really tired i had a weired nightmare last night...hard to
explain all of them really are though..ok done bitching
today wasnt grade A prolly cuz im uptight and paranoid. ok
gooday or should it be goodnight who fucking cares...p.s.
christene and me got married. expensive rings from kay
jewlers 3 grand each and thats not all.........noo im a
liar..we got rings at a garage sale...but hey...were
cool..right chris..your jealous.