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2001-06-11 20:27:36 (UTC)


I'm Kristin. 16/f/Ny. Upstate NY. Very, very boring.
Anyway, a funny thing happened today. My ex's new gf IM's
me and says "HI!" and I'm like.. "okay." I gave her the
usual warning ("he's an idiot, look out") and then we
chatted for a while. Then, she left and then HE IM's me and
goes "balahahjaldr" and then I'm like "Okay, whatever" and
he insults me for like half an hour and then I simply
said "Well, as much as I enjoy these mentally stimulating
conversations... You are the weakest link... Goodbye!" and
he left me alone.

Another victory for Kristin! :-D

Here's my story. Parental issues major. Living with
Grandparents. One sibling, a brother, Dylan, and he's a
jerk. Makes fun of me constantly for one thing or another
(Seriously, that's the story of my life.) I have about... 3
friends, and I'm positive even they don't like me. People
call me often, "scary girl", "freaky girl", and "smart
girl". I like all nicknames equally. I already have
homework for next year's classes. Do these people know the
meaning of the word "vacation"???

I digress.

Actually, you can't digress if you're not talking about
something in particular. If you're not talking about
something, then you can't digress from it.

I digress.

Anyway, I'll talk to you all later. Long live the coffee!!!

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