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2002-05-25 04:00:19 (UTC)

Wait....I have FRIENDS?!?!

I feel so loved! I had, like, 10 e-mails from friends when
I got home, plus three messages from ethan and two from a
few other people.

Not to mention...


While waiting to pick up my tix for the Mets game, I was
talking to Tammi on the phone and I asked if she was going
with USY to 6-Flags. She told me that she and a lot of my
other friends didn't wanna go, but they're only gonig to
see me since I'm not going to Encampment. Dude, Tammi, Ben,
Scott, Adam, Danny, Dan, Tami and James are all going just
cuz of me...how loved do I feel?

Damn...normally I'd've signed off with Dashboard but I
can't, so I'll just...

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