the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-05-25 03:55:28 (UTC)


Yeah, so I just got back from the Mets-Marlins game.
Amazing game..score 4-4 to overtime, at the last minute,
the Mets pulled ahead and finished the game, 5-4. Woo-hoo!
But on to the more exciting stuff.

At the game, Allie, Naomi and Nicole (Nic, I just met
tonight...she's soo cool tho, we just bounce off'a each
other) and I had really good seats. There were these really
hot guys sitting near us, a bit in front of us, and Naomi
(who seems really shy and quiet) heard me telling Nic that
I thought the one with the spiky hair was really hot. So I
forbade Nic from gong up to him, but Naomi went up!!! Haha,
she was like, "my friend over there, in the black tank top,
thinks you are really hot." then he turned around, but no
one was there -- i had run out, and allie and nic had
followed me. so when nic and i came back (allie had gone to
the bathroom) the guys turned around, and naomi pointed to
me. so one of his friends comes over and says "my friend
wants you to have this, it's his cell phone number." so
naomi goes back over to them and says that there wasn't any
name there, so how would i know who i'm talking to? so they
invite her to sit down, and she does for like 5 minutes...5
looong minutes...and then comes back saying his name is
Junior. Then his friend asks me how old I was, and what's
my name and all that stuff, so I said my name was Carrie
and I'm 16 (well...I WILL be...in a while :) and they told
me that Junior was 17. And throughout the rest of the game,
the guys kept looking back at me and Junior kept winking at
me. Damn he was so hot, I should've just gone up to him and
talked...not like I'll ever see him again.

but yeah, that was my lil adventure.

also, thanks to all the people that message'd me about
David. i got basically the same advice from most people, so
I'm just gonna not do anything, but stop flirting with him
as much.