Me and X
2002-05-25 03:24:37 (UTC)


The past 2 days have been good...... accept for the fact
that I havent talked to X.. I got CPR certified last night
and hung out with my co-worker Liz..... Today I worked
overtime because my co-worker D's daughter was sick.
Afterwards, I went over my bosses house, she made me a
couple screwdrivers.. she dyed my hair, gave me a facial,
trimmed my hair and shampood me. She also gave me new
clothes and cooked me dinner.. Just because she felt like
it. It felt nice.
So I had a good day.... accept I miss X a whole lot and he
didnt call me at work like he said he would.. .or if he did
I didnt get the message. Arg..... oh well..
I miss you and I love you X.