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2002-05-25 02:03:57 (UTC)

The perils of Modern Technology

In my opinion, based on radiation testing, I believe were
all going to get cancer in our eyes from computers and
eventually die.

Yes, today has been WONDERFUL. *insert MASSIVE amounts of

Yes, mom has succeeded in making my life a living hell.
Granted, she did buy me shorts, but thats because all my
clothes are falling apart *LMAO* i like em that way... and
after persistant annoance she took me to GoodWill. That
was fun. But she HATES me. H-A-T-E-S M-E!!! I dont know
why. She calls me lazy. She doesnt understand that im not
psychic *most the time*, and I dont know what she wants me
to clean. To me, the house is wonderful. To her, its a
mess. Im just lazy. I cleaned my room like she said, and
i cleaned up the dishes. Sit down to watch Beauty and the
Beast, and I might as well go jump off a cliff into a pile
of sharp pointy rocks. Id be better off. Much less
painful than her scrutiny.

Okay, how pathetic am I. Im kicking myself for getting a
B, a fricken 86/7 in Anatomy and Physiology HONOURS. A B
PEOPLE!!! And Im all sad cuz it knocked my GPA down .25.
Ooo, a whopping point 2 5!!!! Lol. But I like being 18th
in my class, and I want to be higher than that. I want to
be like, perfect, so everyone will like me and leave me
alone. Ha. Funny. The chances of that happening are non-
existant. People always love me over the net, and in
person, they all want me to go away. Its not right,

right. I didnt do anything to her.

Poor Matt. Last night I went off on him on the phone.
Lol. Poor guy. I still dont get why hes with me... he
must feel sorry for me... Im one F'ed up little kid, I
really really am, trust me on this one.

Anyways, Ill see ya all on my next complain-fest.

Matt- i love you baby.

Huggles, thank you for rescuing the pig.

Marie- I miss you BFF.

Over and out.

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