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2002-05-25 01:57:24 (UTC)

New stuff...

Well, I haven't written in a long time but the last entry
was writing about how Kalua was gone because his Uncle's
funeral. Yeah, I felt bad because he hadn't called in
awhile and I was scared that he was really upset. Well,
come to find out, an old friend of the family had come down
and her and Kalua started going out. They are still going
out. And I had to hear about it from someone else. It's
kinda like she doesn't really exist because she lives in
Arizona and we still, "hang out." In fact we did
yesterday. I was kinda upset because he has been fuckin up
again and he's leaving in July for bootcamp. It really
upsets me because we have been like on and off best
friends/ girlfriend- boyfriends/ lovers, etc.... for about
a year and now he's leaving, possibly forever. It scares
me because I think I love him more than he loves me and I
don't know if he will really keep in touch. He has a
girlfriend now and so why does he need me? I mean he says
he still loves me like a best friend or whatever but, I'm
not sure if things will stay like that. I can't even
picture myself without him. He's my best friend. Well, he
invited me over tonight so I have to clean a little...
I'll write soon!