to win the game u gotta play
2002-05-24 23:51:08 (UTC)

~~~~~HELP ME!!!~~~~~

me and kara got into a fight we dont even talk to each
other no more. shes tellin every1 that i embarase her just
by being around her but she dont have the guts to say it to
my face. when we got home the first thing we did when we
steped off the bus was start throwing punches. she gave me
a black eye and a big bruise on my cheek and leg. i gave
her a black eye and a bloody nose and some bruises on her
face and chest. she had kicked me in the head and i broke
one of her ribs. that wuz yesterday. we're not making it ne
easyier on Juan though hes still down over Jose. every time
Juan leaves the room or house me and Kara try to fight
again. He said that he aint ever seen sisters fight like
this before. i told kara that i really will embarass her at
school by kicking her ass in front of all our homies. they
wont fight becuz they r both our friends and they wont turn
on us. im not afraid to fight kara but shes just as bad as
me. if we get mad enough we will really hurt some one.
Kara's put a 17year-old in the hospital and i put that
girls friend in the room right next to her's. i still want
to be kara's friend but i dont want her to think im weak
and that im chicken. also i want her to stop talkin like
that about me. Wat do i do??? gotta go!