No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-05-24 23:42:16 (UTC)

In My Mind

In My Mind

I wish I could travel to the back of my mind,
Where all my dreams come true.
Where I am always happy,
And worry doesn't exist.

Where I have you in my life,
Where we can be alone,
Where things are quiet,
And we are free.

Where life doesn't matter,
And death is only better,
But never wanted.

Where happiness is great,
Where we have movies of our dreams,
Movies of everyday,
Living our dreams.

Where things are what they seem,
And people are considerate.
Where life is a gift,
And breathing is a joy.

I wish I could run to the back of my mind,
And stay there.
But only if I'm with you.

~Ashley Bott

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