Jena's Rants
2001-06-11 18:13:27 (UTC)

Michael J. Fox and hedge trimmers???

I was sitting here working on some stupid business involved
stuff, when all of a sudden I remembered what it was that I
dreamt about last night. I remembered because my jaw was
aching terribly, and I don't usually do this in my sleep
but last night I was really grinding my jaw. I dreamt that
I was staying with Michael J. Fox at like this weird solar
powered house. He had some obsession with trimming the
hedges because he wanted to shape them like a different
instrument everyday. I was grinding my jaw in my sleep
because I felt the vibration from the trimmer. Woah, how
weird is that?? If anyone can like give me the definition
of that dream, or if you just want to yell at me and tell
me I am an awful sarcastic drug addicted pessimistic bitch -
well, you can go ahead and do that too. Just remember,
there are always consequences for you actions, LIKE A