Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-05-24 23:03:16 (UTC)

By The Time I Read This...

I'll have finished my last exam, and with it, my 2nd year
of university education. I no longer feel the great thrill
at the end of the year, rather a pining for the
commencement of the next one, indeed, on Sunday I may well
go and get some syntax books in preparation for my
dissertation next year, so excited am I about it.

Its been a good year, I suppose, if not in marks, which
have certainly been below an acceptable standard, and I can
only hope I can scrape up to get a good 2:2 next year, and
possibly a 2:1 - I REALLY want to do an MA, and maybe
beyond that.

I feel I have a lot to learn, and a lot to offer the
education system. Its not up to me entirely, but I think
I'm a lot closer to being the person I want to be than I
was at the beginning of the year. I recognise the value of
hard work, and how I need to do it, I can write my essays
for all comers now, not impenetrable to the human mind -
though if I want to I can, and have earlier this year.
Simplicity is a double edged sword. It allows no double-
entendre, no real paraphrasing and requires no language of


I bid you adieu.