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2001-06-11 18:02:21 (UTC)


It is Monday. Our first tournement was Saturday and Sunday
in Douglas. We did ok, but we didn't win or anything.
Saturday was round robin games in our pool of four teams.
First we played Wheatland at 10:30am and we lost. I played
center field and I caught the very first hit of the day.
It was kind of cool because I don't usually play outfield.
Then we played Douglas C at 1:30pm. We won. Six to five I
think. I pitched. It was nice because it rained a little
in the middle of the game. Just off and on. My hitting
still needed some work. Our last game of the day was
against Douglas B. We lost. Fifteen to two. We played
awful. My parents went back to Gillette. I stayed with
Mema and Courtney in their hotel room. So did Alyx. I
don't know how she did. I'm pretty sure they did ok
though. We swam for a little while at the pool. Since we
got third in our pool, we had to play at 9:00am on Sunday.
We played against....ummm....dang, I can't remember, but we
lost. I played third base. I did really good. I'm much
better at third than at short stop, I wish it were
different but I can't handle short stop anymore. Since it
was a double elimination tournement, if we lost the second
game we would be out. We played Douglas C again. The only
team we beat on Saturday. I pitched again. Oh yeah, i
took a pitch to the elbow during the end of game three on
Saturday. It really hurt on Sunday still. It still hurts
now on Monday. Well, I pitched really well. On Saturday I
pitched pretty good, but I was taking a lot off of it to
put in strikes. But on Sunday, I was pitching hard
strikes. We gave up five runs in the first inning, But we
came back and made the score six-five, us. We were the
visitors though so all they had to do was score two runs to
win. Scott switched me from pitcher to third and put
Andria in to change pitching speed and sure enough, they
started popping them up. They popped one up to me in foul
territory and I caught it. Also I made an out at second
when they hit a hard grounder to me and I threw her out on
a force. So we had two outs. There were runners on second
and third. They popped on up between first and second and
Serena missed it. The runner on third scored and the runner
on second advanced to third. Then, Ashley C. missed a
pitch and the runner on third stole and when Ashley threw
it to Andrea, who was covering home, she threw it a little
too late and she was safe, so they won seven-six. It was
our second loss, we were out. Scott took me to the other
fields where Alyx was playing. They lost, and were out
also. I asked Scott if Ashley S. could ride home with us.
He said yes. On the way home, Courtnee and Ashley buddied
up. I was so mad. Ashley was supposed to be my best
friend and she was having more fun with my visiting cousin
than she ever had with me anymore. I know that Ashley and
I are going through hard times right now. She is making
new friends at Sage Valley and I'm making new friends at
Twin Spruce. I hate it that we go to different junior
highs. I have begun to doubt her loyalty. I have come to
love Ashley as a friend. She has been my best friend since
she moved here, when I was struggling with making friends.
Now it is like I am her last resort. We have a blast when
we are together but it is like she chooses to be with me
only if she can't be with anyone else. I hate it that She
is my first choice for a friend and I am her last.

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