2002-05-24 20:28:09 (UTC)

BIG DAY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, tomorrow is the big day!!!!! I'm excited about it. I
think I may be a little more excited about the gifts than
anything else. I only want money. I need the money for
Cancun. Man, if I don't get money, then I'm screwed :(
Anyway, I went out w/ Kylah, Sherita, and Tanisha last
nite. We went to GMC and Vamps. I had a good time. Okay, I
know how much I had it in my heart to go to Georgia State,
but I'm kinda starting to have my doubts about it now. I
have a Savannah State application and I'm seriously
rethinking this whole thing. I guess the only thing I can
do is pray about the situation and I'll find my answers.
But anyway, I'm not sure about my plans for tomorrow. I
wish I could know something though. I don't want to pay for
a room and just sit there by myself. I mean, I doubt I'll
be sitting by myself, but I don't want to pay and that one
person not come. I don't think I'm going to cry tomorrow. I
just don't see any reason in it. It's like any other day to
me. I will say that the only reason for me to cry would be
because I see my mama crying. Well, I got some stuff to
do....HOllA!!! *J*