Randi Lynn

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2002-05-24 18:38:15 (UTC)

Im gonna go to my friends house..

Im gonna go to my friends house today. Today during school,
4th period, the period me and matt are in the same class,
Me adn matt were tlaking and stuff, and he said he was an
only child, and i said i have 2 older brothers, and then a
girl, angela, said "You too flirt A lot" and i ignored her,
and said "Ones a senior.." and the girlbehind matt
said "You two make such a cute couple.." and i started to
say something else, and then jenessa, and anglia, and That
girl behind matt all started sayin "You two should go
out.." and i mean almost all at once like it was planned or
something x.x and i blushed, i woulda loved to see the
expression on my face, and i looked down, and they kept on
saying things like that, and then matt started saying "I
think not...I think not...I think not.." cuz they kept on
sayin it, and lol, matt asked hte teacher to tell them to
stop, cuz the teacher kept on telling matt to shut up, i
guess My teach didnt hear then girls. My friend tanya just
looked at me. Then The girl angelia looked at me, and
said "If i was you, i would ask him out..well...I mean, if
i was you. You should ask him out.." and i just smirked,
gave a small nod and looked away. they stopped. and i
looked back at matt, and he was staring at his Lipton Iced
Tea bottle, and he said "Oh my God.." and i said "He's
going to the marines" and he said "What?" and i said "My
brother kevin, hes a senior, he's going to the marines this
summer..." and he goes "Oh..I said oh my god cuz This comes
from new jeresy...Its Poison!" anyway @[email protected] there was a bit
of silence before he said "Oh my god" @[email protected] it was very
akward, I guess we're just pretended it didnt [email protected][email protected]
Anyway im going to my frined tinas this weekend for her
birthdya part & sleepover, so i wont be back till sunday. I
gotta get there b4 anyone else does so i can have a talk w/

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