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2002-05-24 16:05:41 (UTC)

Bobby apologized to me, so, we..

Bobby apologized to me, so, we are talking again, we had a
couple of nice times together last week.. I still dont know
what he wants, right now we act like friends, but he tells
everyone i am his girlfriend, we will see, im trying not to
fall more in love with him, i know im only going to get
I waas talking to my sister lastnight about him, and i told
her no one understands, i have loved Bobby ever since
school, of course the feelings didnt come back till i met
him again and knew who he was, but, that doesnt mean the
feelings werent still there, they were just hidden....
I found out who took my cell phone, it was the person i
suspected in the first place, and he had given the phone to
his girlfriend who made lots of calls on it, so i got my
bill, and Andria called the numbers she asked if they knew
the person, and one woman was very, very, helpful.LOL she
said the girlfriend had called her several times from my
phone and she even said it was her cell phone, so, BUSTED!!!
i went to the state police and filed a report, i told them i
want my phone back and i want to press charges! the kid had
plenty of time to return my phone, i always said there would
be no questions asked, but, its been gone since April 18!
the cop made me mad though, he was asking how i knew it was
stolen and why i left it up at my sisters house and why she
didnt go after the kid, and i was like well, you have the
phone bill, i didnt make those calls, and the woman my
friend talked to said the girlfriend had my cell phone, and
i trust my sister, why wouldnt i leave things up there?
besides i was going up the next day! now, i just need to
wait and see what happens, im just so mad, the kid even told
his mother he didnt take it, i cant believe they didnt
realize that i would get a phone bill with the numbers of
where they called, they arent to bright.LMAO